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Pink Lotus by Amira Dvorah

$1,000.00 $750.00

Celebrate the Challenges of Life with this all so serene Lotus Painting by Amira Dvorah.  The Lotus flower has such meaning and spirituality.  Think of all the challenges we have in our lives.  The cycle of life for the Lotus flower epitomizes those challenges with a triumphant result as it struggles to emerge from the muck into a magnificent specimen.  Own this Painting and Let It Remind You of the Lotus' Spirit .  May that Most Positive Spirit Prevail in Your Space!

Amira  is an artist and musician whose work reflects her deep reverence for Eastern mystical culture. Amira has been a painter all her life and is best known for her Lotus Flower paintings.  This one called "Clear Moon over Still Waters" measures 36" square.  It is has a mirror image edge so none of the painting is lost during the stretching of the canvas.  By being finished on all sides , there is no need for framing.

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