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"Ascending Lotus" Painting-Limited Edition Giclee by Honshin

$600.00 $475.00

The Lotus is a study in celebrating life and meeting  it's many challenges with strength and beauty! The Lotus struggles to emerge ("Ascend") from the muck as a magnificent specimen! Own this Painting and Let It Remind You of the Lotus' Spirit .  May that Most Positive Spirit Prevail in Your Space!  This piece is masterfully created by "Honshin".

Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin's  art and poetry are a reflection of  his experience with Ancient Eastern Spiritual Practices and the Philosophies of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and Ancient MesoAmerican Cultures.  His divine work is a mythic amalgamation of ancient healing practices and the present trends in Spirituality, Science and Nature- resulting in a true fusion of East  and West. 

This limited edition and signed giclee is called "Ascending Lotus".  It measures  25" x 10.5" wide  Honshin uses mixed media (gold leaf and paint ) to add depth.  The background has a velvety looking texture. 

Sorry, with this already reduced price, NO Other Promos/Discounts Are Accepted.  We regret that due to the size and weight of this framed piece, we need to charge a shipping fee.  Rest assured that we Will split that fee with you!