Fused Glass with Copper Oil Lamp-"Sedona"


Charlton Glassworks  in Washington State has Mastered the Ancient Egyptian technique of fusing glass with Metal, especially Copper.  A thin sheet of copper is sandwiched between two pieces of glass inside of a mold.  Upon heating in a kiln a little air gets into the "sandwich" and oxidizes the copper to varying degrees causing a one of a kind array of colors.  

The "Sedona" has been one of our more popular designs throughout the years and one of our favorites since we got married in Sedona.  It features a combination of the oil lamp component and floral accent. The Sedona is complete with fiberglass wick and polished pebbles and pin frog, Signed and dated.  OUT OF STOCK

We are currently out of stock for this piece.  It can be ordered and shipped to you directly from Charlton Glass at no additional charge.