Roman Glass Jewelry transports you to the ancient times of the Roman Empire nearly 2000 years ago!

Each unique piece of Roman Glass Jewelry is expertly handcrafted using a fragment of ancient glass discovered at an archeological excavation site in modern-day Israel.  These fragments are literally found among the ruins of the Roman Empire that thrived in this territory two millennia ago              


The glass in this aqua-hued jewelry began life as a household vase, water jug, amphora vase or temple vessel. It belonged to someone for everyday use or perhaps it was even treasured. There is amazing  history and a unique story behind each piece.

Rarely, intact vases and urns are excavated.  Those that are found are  mostly maintained in museums.  More often,  the glass is discovered in broken shards and fragments. Having rested undisturbed for centuries, these fragments still bear the marks of their former existence while at the same time they have been ever so slowly transformed by the mineral rich earth in which they slept.. 

The "patina" (the exquisite opalescence on the surface) was created by chemical reactions between the buried glass and the mineral-rich soil found throughout Israel. After centuries of being buried, the process of oxidation under high heat and pressure  formed the distinctive patina on the glass. The conditions in Israel created the “perfect storm” for developing the exquisite shades ranging from dark blue , green, purple and even pink.  As the exact coloration depends on the minerals and conditions the glass has been exposed to, each piece is truly unique.  Immersion in water may harm the natural patina, so it is highly recommended that you do not bathe or swim while wearing your Roman Glass jewelry.

The Roman Glass Jewelry that we offer are designed and created by expert Artisans in Israel.  We are most proud to represent Michal Kirat, Altam Works and the Extraordinary Designs of Angie Olami.   Owning any of this unique jewelry is like having and wearing a piece of 2000 year old History!

 We are beyond grateful and indebted to Angie for introducing us to this amazing glass decades ago, that she so beautifully transformed into precious jewelry.

As a Heartfelt Tribute,  I  do wish to especially honor Angie's dear friendship, love, incredible compassion and beyond amazing life experiences/accomplishments that feed her every inspiration.  Love You Sweet Angie!